Unable to Change / Update Project Expiration Dates for the Assignee or Engineer

We have reports wherein upon using the iDub App on their devices, Assignee or Engineer were unable to do revision of Expiration dates on the Project or Projects that they’re currently working.

For this kind of reported issues, We should let them know the system process of the App itself wherein:

  • Expiration date depends on the creation date of the Project.
  • Expiration is set to 30 days after the creation date and can not be changed.
  • Expiration date is found on each of the projects and indicator turns red 5 days before expiration.
  • After expiry, all data will be erased and new project needs to be created.
  • For security purposes, this process is necessary to flush out data in devices and for optimization to clear out memory to avoid further device and system issues.

For further questions or inquiries, Feel free to ask assistance to the Support Team.

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