Best Practices: Voice Talents


  1. Recommended mic
  2. Mic placement
  3. iPad placement
  4. VT Room
    1. Do’s
    2. Don’ts

Recommended mic

  • Apogee Mic+

The Apogee Mic+ is to be used for all Iyuno remote recording projects. Please don’t use any other microphone.

Mic placement

  • A distance of 70-90cm will achieve a proper balance for a home dubbing environment. 
  • Talk  over the microphone.
  • Always blow or breathe loudly past the microphone to the left or right.
  • Adjust the microphone to the height of the chin

iPad placement

Place the iPad so that the angle of reflection does not bounce the sound back to the microphone (See 4th picture above).

VT Room


  • Record in a room with the least amount of room sound, such as a quiet bedroom
  • Make sure the room has soft materials in it. Hard surfaces reflect your voice.
  • Make sure to have as many items in the room as possible. For instance, place a clothes rack with linens in the room, distribute blankets and pillows. The more fabrics in the room, the better.
  • When recording in a room with windows, close the windows and keep the curtains closed
  • Make sure to close all the doors in the room
  • Record in a room with a carpet, or place a rug under the iDub booth
  • If your walls are tiled, hang some blankets in front of them
  • Record in a full room, surround the area with pillows and soft furniture
  • Close your windows to keep outside noises like people talking, cars, lawnmowers, birds, etc to a minimum
  • Turn off any air conditioning units and switch off all fans. The iDub ventilation system can be kept switched on since this is silent.
  • Turn off any electrical appliances, apart from the iDub equipment


  • Don’t use plastic blinds in front of your windows, instead use curtains or hang a blanket in front of the window
  • Don’t record in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Don’t record near any windows
  • Don’t record near glass, tiles or any hard, reflective surfaces
  • Don’t record when there are outside noises like heavy machinery, children playing, etc. Wait until the noise is gone.