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Table of Contents

1. Invitation

Guest users can join an iDub project using an email invitation. You can download the app by clicking on the Download iDub for Mac in the bottom portion of the invitation.

2. Setup

Open the downloaded installation file.

Drag and drop the iDub application icon into the Applications folder.

3. iDub

Click on the Open in iDub button in the email invitation.

Guests can choose to participate in the invited session using iDub application or from the browser by selecting one of the options. 

Click on Open your iDub app to join the session using iDub application.

A new browser tab will open and launch the application. If a dialogue appears asking for permission click on Open iDub to launch the application.

💡You can click on the checkbox to allow iDub to automatically open in the future.

When iDub opens, it will send a verification code to your email. Enter it into iDub to verify your identity.

If you already have iDub open as an engineer, you will be asked to switch to a guest user.

4. Using iDub

4.1 Security reminder

Whenever you sign in, you will need to give your consent to the security reminder.

4.2 Access denied

If you were assigned as a guest in older versions of iDub, you will need to be reassigned to access the projects.

4.3 Watermarking

When you access a project for the first time, iDub will generate a unique watermark for your video. Once your watermark has been created, the project will open automatically.

Watermarked videos are stored for 6 weeks. After the retention period, watermarked videos are deleted automatically and will need to be generated again.

4.4 Session host

A project will only be accessible if an engineer is present. If the engineer is not present, the loading screen will be displayed until the engineer enters.

If the engineer leaves the project, all other participants will be removed from the session automatically.

4.5 Network stability

Using the status bar at the bottom you can check the network quality of your current connection.

4.6 Connecting to participant’s microphones

For each voice talent that enters the project, a background application will connect with each of the virtual devices set up for voice talents.

4.7 Talkback

There are two ways to talk to the participants on iDub. The button on the left is used to toggle voice communication through a private channel for the engineer and the guests. The talkback button on the right is used to speak to all participants.

If a participant enables talkback and speaks through one of the channels, the indicator below the talkback button will be lit to show which channel they are speaking through. You can check who is the speaker by checking the indicator next to their name in the participants list.

During recording and playback, the talkback buttons will be disabled.

4.8 Viewports (video and screen share)

iDub allows you to watch the video content and monitor engineer’s Pro Tools through two different viewports. These resizable and moveable viewports are opened automatically when you enter a project and can be toggled on using the icons found above the video buttons.

💡Screen share can only be enabled by the engineer.

If you need to adjust the playback volume for the video, use the volume slider found on the lower portion of the video player.

4.9 Session timeout

If you are inactive for more than 30 minutes, a message will show up. To stay signed in, click continue. Otherwise, you will be signed out.

Change Log

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Contains Confidential, Proprietary, or Privileged Information Exempt from Public Disclosure
Do NOT share externally