iDub Mac Installation Manual

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Table of Contents

1. Package Download

Open Chrome browser.

Navigate to to download the installation package.

💡To install iDub, visit

You must sign in with an iDub Cloud account to access the download page.

Click the Download button to access the Download page.

2. Setup

2.1 Installation

Open the downloaded installation file.

Drag and drop the iDub application icon into the Applications folder.

If you are installing iDub on a system using macOS version 10.14.2 or earlier, you must install an additional audio driver by right-clicking on iDub Driver Installer and clicking Open in the context menu.

💡Audio drivers will be installed automatically for later versions of macOS.

2.2 Application startup

Open Finder and navigate to the Applications folder.

Right-click on iDub and click Open from the context menu.

If prompted with a security check, click Open.

2.3 Installation Check

When opening iDub for the first time, you will be prompted to install the iDub Driver and FFmpeg.

Click Install next to iDub Driver Installer. In the iDub Driver installation page, click Install. 

If your macOS version is earlier than 10.14.2, you will be prompted to install it manually. For instructions on how to install it manually, check the Installation section.

After the iDub Driver is installed, click Install next to FFmpeg. In the following Preferences window, click the Install FFmpeg Library link and follow the installation instructions.

Click the Install FFmpeg Library button to open the FFmpeg installation page.

When all installations are complete, you will be redirected to the session waiting page.

3. Uninstalling Audio Drivers

To remove the audio drivers installed by iDub, you can use the iDub Driver Uninstaller included in the installation package. Right-click on iDub Driver Uninstaller and click Open from the context menu.

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