iDub Web for Guests Manual

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Table of Contents

1. Invitation

Guest users can join an iDub session via an invitation email.

Click on the Open in iDub button in the invitation email.

đź’ˇMake sure you are using Chrome browser in Mac OS or Windows OS.

You cannot enter a session if the video processing has not been completed.

A session page will open in a new tab and a verification email will be sent to your inbox.

Enter the verification code you receive and click on Verify.

2. Using iDub

2.1 Security reminder

Whenever you join a session, you will need to give your consent for the security reminder.

2.2 Session host

A session will only be accessible if an engineer is present. If the engineer is not present, the loading screen will be displayed until the engineer enters.

If you haven’t allow iDub to access your microphone, an alert message will appear. Make sure to allow it to join the session.

2.3 Audio settings

You can change an input and output audio device in Settings at the bottom left.

2.4 Latency

You can check the quality of your current connection at the top right corner.

2.5 Talkback

There are two ways to talk to the participants on iDub. The button on the left is used to communicate through a private channel for the engineer and the guests. 

The talkback button on the right is used to speak to all participants.

💡There are 2 ways to enable talkback—by clicking on the button to toggle it on or by holding it down.

You can check which talkback channel is being used by other participants using the indicator below the talkback buttons.

When a voice talent mutes themselves in iDub, a mute indicator will appear next to the voice talent’s name.

2.6 Viewports (screen share)

iDub allows you to watch the video content and monitor the engineer’s screen through two different viewports.

The video content will be displayed as soon as you join the session, but the engineer’s screen will only be available when the engineer enables the screen share.

When the engineer enables screen share, the Pro Tools screen will be displayed automatically, and when the engineer disables it, the screen will disappear.

An indicator on the screen share button will appear when the screen share is enabled, but you are not opening it. Click the button to open the screen.

If needed, the shared Pro Tools screen can be opened in a new tab.

2.7 Volume adjustment

If you need to adjust the playback volume for the video, use the volume slider found on the lower portion of the video player.

2.8 Session timeout

If you are inactive for more than 30 minutes, a message will show up. To stay signed in, click continue. Otherwise, you will be signed out.

2.9 Troubleshooting

If there are any issues using the software, you can click on i icon next to the session name to view the debugging information. When requesting for technical assistance the information should be provided.

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