iDub Documentations

Best Practices: Engineer

General: The consistency between the different recordings within the same episode is more important than getting one recording drier than the other. Inconsistency will lead to additional efforts in post-production and in worst  cases will require re-recordings of full sessions. The aim for iDub recordings is:   Similar output (Acoustic and frequency range) of all VTContinue reading “Best Practices: Engineer”

Best Practices: Voice Talents

contents: Recommended mic Mic placement iPad placement VT Room Do’s Don’ts Recommended mic Apogee Mic+ The Apogee Mic+ is to be used for all Iyuno remote recording projects. Please don’t use any other microphone. Mic placement A distance of 70-90cm will achieve a proper balance for a home dubbing environment.  Talk  over the microphone. AlwaysContinue reading “Best Practices: Voice Talents”

Firewall Requirements

To use iDub in an environment with restricted network access, firewall exceptions must be made. You can do so by adding the domains and ports found in the firewall whitelist and lifting the restrictions on the IP addresses. If you want to use Agora products across a VPN, ensure that you have contacted the VPNContinue reading “Firewall Requirements”