iDub Troubleshooting

What do you do when audio driver does not install automatically

If you are installing iDub on a system using macOS version 10.14.2 or earlier, you must install an additional audio driver by right-clicking on iDub Driver Installer and clicking Open in the context menu. đź’ˇ Audio drivers will be installed automatically for later versions of macOS.

[iDub (Mac)] How to Remove iDub Virtual Device

Right click on the Finder icon on the dock to open a contextual menu. Click on Go to Folder. Enter /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL as the path. Remove iDub virtual device drivers: iDub_VT1.driver iDub_VT2.driver iDub_VT3.driver iDub_VT4.driver iDub_VT5.driver iDub_VT6.driver iDub_VT7.driver iDub_PLAYBACK.driver

Checking your connections

To check if your devices are connected properly, read below: First, make sure that the iPad is connected with Apogee microphone and an earphone is connected to Apogee microphone. If the microphone is connected properly, the led bulb on the microphone will be light up in green and display the volume level. If the microphoneContinue reading “Checking your connections”

[iDub (Mac)] Video playback works on Pro Tools but it doesn’t play on voice talent’s device.

If you are able to play the video on Pro Tools, but the video does not play on voice talent’s device, you want to first check that the zerotime set for the video on MSX and the start time on Pro Tools matches each other. If they do not match each other, make changes toContinue reading “[iDub (Mac)] Video playback works on Pro Tools but it doesn’t play on voice talent’s device.”

What can be the reason for watermarking taking a long time?

iDub ensures that the content being used for the project is protected by taking the video and burning the watermark inside the images. Processing time may vary depending on the duration, resolution, and file size of the video being rendered. If the watermarking takes longer than the displayed estimated completion time on screen, contact ourContinue reading “What can be the reason for watermarking taking a long time?”

[iDub Lite] Processing for export is stuck or is taking a long time

After upload is initiated for export, both the engineer and voice talent needs to leave iDub on for the clips to be uploaded. If the upload is interrupted, application will wait for the upload to be finished before preparing the export. You can continue the export at any time by opening iDub again to restartContinue reading “[iDub Lite] Processing for export is stuck or is taking a long time”

Why did the microphone’s volume change?

Whenever the voice talent re-enter a project, the microphone’s level is set back to default. Voice talent should avoid changing the gain using the knob found on the Apogee microphone and the engineer should control the volume using the controls found in iDub.